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My children's book is currently on the shelf, as I have not had time to promote it to book publishers but I DID write a book that was published by Thomas Nelson Publishers in 2008, "Holding Her Head High." It was a big project. I researched and wrote about 12 exceptional women spanning 17 centuries!! It is an inspirational book written to lift up not only single mothers, but married mothers and women in general. So often we hear about our founding fathers but what about our founding mothers? The women range from Constantine's mother, a queen in France, the first professional writer of the Middle Ages,  5 brilliant Revolutionary mothers, 2 amazing slave women, 1 pioneer woman and the first woman to run for President in 1884, Belva Lockwood. They are fabulous women who teach us so much through overcoming their trials and errors. Each chapter teaches a Life Lesson such as "Turn Tribulations into Triumphs," and "Don't Give Up Before the Miracle." I was inspired by these women and still am today. If they could do it, I can do it! They didn't just raise their children, they raised their nations. 

My goal for 2011 is to get my book published on the United States Constitution and the Federalist Papers. Cathy Gillespie and I, plus scholars from around the country, wrote 90 essays on the relevancy of the Constitution and the Federalist Papers. A fascinating perspective. I hope a publisher out there thinks so, too!

I wrote my children's book because I believe there are children that are hurting and may need to know that there is love out there for them- God's love. I first wrote this book during the winter of 2002. after a few spins with illustrators I decided to try it myself-except with photography. Thus, during the winter of 2003 I ventured into a new arena as a professional photographer. I set off to capture the images that I had conjured in my head with professional models. I truly enjoy photography. It has always been my hobby and I have chronicled my travels through the eyes of the lens.

The book is currently with a publishing house. I will reveal more about it as the process continues.

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