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In 2010, I had the great fortune to direct again! I wrote the script and directed the documentary for the foundation I started and co-chair, "Constituting America." Fun. Fun. Fun. I traveled with my daughter, Juliette, my best friend and co-chair, Cathy Gillespie, my cousin, Victoria, my friend and exceptional photographer, Doug DeMark, and Hajj, my friend, and owner of a limousine company, who drove our old, RV 6,200 miles across the country!! We filmed 11 kids in 8 states. Juliette, Cathy and I held the camera, as well. Whew! The big part of the project was left to Juliette and me after we returned! Juliette and I edited 60 hours of footage to 47 minutes. A documentary for the schools!

You may watch the documentary on my home page. You may also watch the "Year in Review Slideshow" on my home page. For more information about the foundation and our mission, please visit our foundation's website,

Please spread the word to your local school system to play the documentary in their classrooms. Kids talking with kids. Music videos. Kids love it.

Our next goal is to edit our footage for a documentary on television and edit a reality show version!

There were two inspirations that stimulated my desire to direct. One was when I purchased my first camera and the camera man on “Northern Exposure” said to me, “When you look through the lens do you want to just take a picture or make a picture.” I fell in love with the art of “making pictures”. The second was when I read Annette Sanford’s short story, “Trip in a Summer Dress”. She lives in Texas and her story was in a collection of short stories published by SMU. Her story is compelling and poignant, universal and timeless in theme.

After over two years of on and off again negotiations I finally obtained the rights to film Annette’s story and I am forever grateful. Last summer in Texas, I produced the project – which I found consists of endless phone calls. I wrote the screenplay – which was a rewarding experience. I was location manager – which consisted of getting rights to be on the country streets, on the church grounds, finding places to park, places to put the port-o-potties, etc. I cast the film – which was fun. I was hands on during with the fittings and costume design (all part of making that picture). I acted in the film in the role of Mama – which I discovered was tricky - not from an acting standpoint but from a cinematic standpoint. (It’s impossible to watch yourself when you’re in it) and I directed the film – my favorite part.

I would scout locations with Juliette, looking for the poetry. As we found locations we would get up at the crack of dawn and drive out there to see how the sun fell on the windmills, how it reflected on the dew. We would also visit the locations at sundown to see how the sun lit up the tips of the weeds and caressed the sides of the church. Making pictures was phenomenal from creation to completion. I, also, found the opportunity to work with the actors extremely gratifying and rewarding.

I have so many people to thank for making this movie possible. The community, both film and neighborhood, really stepped up to support this project. I am in post production and hope to have it finished within a few months. It is a twenty to thirty minute film thus, it will mainly be at festivals but it may screen somewhere as well. I will keep the website updated with the progress of the film.

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