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In 2008/2009 I starred in Friday Night Lights for NBC. I portrayed Katie McCoy. You may watch the clips from my scenes on the home page of my website. They are in the video/clips box. It was a delight to work in the new style of no rehearsal and no blocking. The only down fall is the lack of lighting which does not always represent a woman in her "best light." However, the creative freedom was delicious. I have always loved to improvise, as I did with the late, great director, Robert Altman, in "Dr. T and the Women."

In 2007, I starred in, Amy Talkington's, "Night of the White Pants." Amy is a very talented director and it was wonderful working with Tom Wilkinson.

I also starred in, "Miracle Dogs," with Leslie Ann Warren, I've always loved her since she portrayed, "Cinderella!" I also starred in a "Walker, Texas Ranger" MOW for CBS.

Always fun to work with Chuck Norris and his son, Mike.

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