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I have learned how to plant coastal hay, fertilize and bale it. (I have a great respect for ranchers and farmers.) I love to ride horses, hike in the woods with Juliette and appraise Longhorns.

Yes, my Longhorns. Why do I love Longhorns? Longhorns epitomize Texas. Longhorns traveled the Chisholm Trail. Longhorns strolled through the Fort Worth Stockyards. Longhorns are beautiful. Longhorns are unique – each and every one of them is a different color with a different design.

I started my herd with five WR cows. WR stands for Wildlife Refuge. They are the original wild herd monitored by the government in Oklahoma. They have beautiful bodies and good temperaments. I bought a black WR bull and bred for color first. I now have great color sprinkled throughout my herd. My favorites are the all black babies, the Oreo babies – black on the sides and white along the backbone, Bulls eye – she has big black spots on her sides, oh, and the white ones are so fuzzy and snowy….I just love them all!!

My Longhorns are registered and I am a member of the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association. I breed to keep the WR line pure, but I bred one cow, Big Mama, with G-Man. G-Man's son, Heavy Hitter, has the longest recorded horn spread. My cow, Big Mama, had his half-sister, Revolution. She has a 58 3/4 inch spread to her horns. She is a beauty.

My goal is deep rich color combined with long horns! However, I do firmly believe in maintaining the integrity of the animal. I don't believe in messing with mother- nature too much. I believe the breed should not be manipulated for man's taste to the point the genuineness of their breed is compromised.

So, if you have land and would like to purchase Longhorns for eye candy- not beef- just peruse my Longhorn photos. E- Mail inquiries to for more photos and specificity.

They are bred for pleasure.

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